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Best Down Jackets for Women: Form and Function

Best Down Jackets for Women: Form and Function
What are the best down jackets for women? If you’re in Canada, the answer is a Canadian duck down jacket made by only the most reputable and sought after makers of luxury winter jackets. There’s no longer a need to sacrifice fashion for warmth, and when you live in a country that’s frigid for many months of the year, down jackets are a necessity. Gone are the days of ludicrously bulky down jackets and coats filled with cheap materials that force you to bulk up in layers. A proper, luxuriously opulent Canadian duck down filled jacket is an investment piece that will keep you looking your very best for years to come. 

Why Down?

People have been using down for jackets since the 1600’s, and the reason is simple. Warmth retention. Down is a natural insulator which people have been trying to recreate using synthetic materials for decades, and is rated through a system called fill power. The best jackets on the market today have a fill power of no less than 700. Non-down jackets are a cheap alternative, but the insulation values are far less than down. Because of this, non-down jackets need roughly twice as much filling to be as warm as down jackets. That’s why so many jackets found in discount and big box stores are so big and bulky. Down allows designers the ability to create more form fitting options that keep you warm in temperatures as low as negative forty-five degrees.


Shopping for winter jackets can be downright depressing. You’re often forced to choose between an insanely large jacket that will keep you warm or a thin but fashionable jacket that you’ll freeze in. Canadian duck down filled jackets are the answer. They’re the perfect combination of warmth and style. Some of the best jacket makers, like those with Arctic Bay, don’t just make jackets, they make wardrobe investment pieces. When you find that perfect jacket, in the perfect style and colour you’ve been searching for and then realize that it will actually keep you warm all winter, there’s no better feeling. 

Finding the Best

This is where things can get tricky. If you live in a big city, you’ll have several more options in terms of searching for down jackets for women. You’ll need to put in quite a few hours of mall treks, and when it’s all over, you might have seen maybe a couple of jackets suitable to your unique needs and style. It’s possible to cut out all that leg work though. Just browse the collections available through online stores like Arctic Bay. There’s dozens of combinations of styles and colours to choose from, and with free shipping on down jackets for women, it’s a solid win. 

Winter is just around the corner and you’re going to have to make a choice. You can stick with your current, likely tired older jacket, a new fashionable jacket that won’t keep you warm, or you could spring for a new Canadian duck down jacket by design experts who understand the needs of Canadian women. Take look at the vast selection of luxury winter jackets with a fill power of 725 to be found through Arctic Bay and reap the benefit of free shipping on the winter jacket of your choosing!

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